Gooru: The Future of STEM Education Resources

The former head of Google India is drawing with a whiteboard marker on the glass cover of his white office desk. He is showing me the organizational structure of his STEM education resource, search, and curation portal called Gooru.

Prasad Ram — Pram to his friends — started Gooru as a 20% time project while still at Google. Like the beta project that once was Gmail, Gooru grew to reach primary significance in its creator’s eyes. As he came to realize the potential that Gooru could have for education, Pram felt that Gooru would need to operate as a nonprofit for it to be everything that he had envisioned…

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  1. these results aren’t too bad, and it only took a second — plus teachers get compensated for their hard work rather than always being asked to contribute their time for free:

    the community weeds out the poorer materials through user ratings/comments. quality is increasing quickly due to free market forces. and the materials are not left alone — like a lot of open source stuff — to get stale. the best sellers are constantly revising, updating and improving their materials and buyers get access to these revised versions for free.

    “valiant” implies failure. disagree.

    Paul Edelman
    Founder, TeachersPayTeachers

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