An Early Foray into Blended Learning

This is a little embarrassing. The link below will take you to a video of me, circa 2003, pimpin’ it for HMH. It is a promotional video for their adaptive software program, Destination Math. Figured I’d better post it before someone else does. Growth through humility.

video link..

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Teacher, team member, father, neighbor.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Jack!
    Video was great. I am sure you are glad you had that made!D
    Questions more than comments. May require offline answers 🙂
    (1) Do you still hold same view(s) of Destination Math as you did when video was made? Why/why not.
    (2) Do you believe that text book companies have helped improve the rigor of math by creating their on line product?
    (3) If you keep in contact with students from that class, how do they remember that year in math….
    (4) What did Destination Math help you learn as you integrate more technology into your classroom.
    (5) How do you discuss with a math major (or engineering, etc. ) who comes to teach math the value of Destination Math technology?

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