Build Your Edtech Dream in a Weekend – RemixEd

You’ve been talking about it for years. If only there were an application that graded all of your essays, delivered personalized, daily emails to all of your students, and then prepared your coffee for you just the way you like it. Now is your chance!

In less than two weeks, dozens of hardcore developers (that’s fancy for computer programmers) will be converging on the 500 Startups offices in Mountain View, Ca, waiting to hear what educators want so that they can try to build it – in a weekend! RemixEd is different that other hackathons because the ideas will be coming exclusively from educators.

Even if your dreams are as simple as world domination by simultaneously founding the next Facebook while you focus on your teaching responsibilities, RemixEd is an opportunity you should not miss.


About Jack West

Teacher, team member, father, neighbor.

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