Questions at the Beginning

Motivating questions have been used by master teachers probably for as long as humans have inhabited their neocortex. An inspiring question targets the background, interests, and capabilities of a student. Such a question can be a launching pad for discussion, inquiry, and a starting place for a learning trajectory. This summer, I have the privilege of working with two teams of three master science teachers who bring an average of 12 years of experience each to a problem that the cloud is finally going to help us solve.

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Teacher, team member, father, neighbor.

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Jack – I really enjoyed reading your blog and the ‘evidence’. Very thoughtful and complete. Of course it works…….you happen to be a science teacher as opposed to a teacher posing as a science teacher. When in an appropriate classroom such as yours, students really do benefit from this outlay of time, expertise, wisdom, etc. When kids are in a classroom with a teacher who is to follow a text book and/or FOSS (so everyone, even 12 monkeys can teach science…) it does not translate.
    Keep the research going! I am so thankful there is at least one person out there who has been allowed the luxury of actually teaching as oppossed to teaching to the test in the shortest, least effective path possible.

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