The Challenge of Managing Student Data in the Cloud

Call it what you want; the digital revolution, the cloud migration, one-to-one. The move to pervasive use of computing as the medium for education is underway. Schools around the world have moved beyond teacher websites, and are empowering students to both access curriculum and create products to demonstrate their learning entirely in the digital medium.

To derive benefits from the move to the digital environment that go beyond the known merits of increased messaging between learning community members, schools must be able to access, save, and store student work in a way that provides meaningful insight to educators. Portfolios are an example of a meta-product that requires a student to curate his own efforts, and can help learners to extend their understanding by offering them an opportunity to make connections between the learning experiences they have had.

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  1. whereiskatima

    I have shared this observation with work colleagues in ed-tech as this has become a meta-conversation regarding discussion boards and student access to other past classes. Thank you for putting your experience out there and telling it like it is. I value what you write as you are ‘in the classroom’ and one of the tops at what you do as well as having access and proximity to Silicon Valley. Imagine those away from the access point 🙂

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