Diligent Use of Cycles of Inquiry Makes Huge Impact

Some of you are aware that in August of 2012 I began working with the Hapara team as lead educator. Since that time, all of my creative efforts have gone into that work. Only recently have I begun to blog again; still mostly within the context of my work at Hapara. I plan to re-post here when I think my Hapara projects will have broader appeal. This is one such instance.

Cycle of InquiryThe Manaiakalani cluster of schools in Auckland, New Zealand, serves a diverse array of students. In the United States we would call the cluster a district, and it would be classified as Title 1. In New Zealand the term is decile one. Their story is a long one, and one I hope to share more in time, but I thought I would pique your interest with the punch line.

Please read more at the Hapara blog.

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