Get Attention With Google’s Public Data Visualization Tool #EdTech #Education #k12

San Francisco Unified Percentage of Parent's with Graduate Education

The above image is static, but you can see the dynamic one right here. This blew me away. Not so much the information, because I live in the bay area and I am well acquainted with equity issues in schools. I was impressed, rather, by the power that Google is placing in our hands with this Public Data Visualization Tool that allows the laywoman to wow her audience.

I plan to use this tool in both my political and educational circles (crossover reference to Google+ intended – I am a fan). The community discussion about who schools serve is more directly addressed with clear infographic representations such as the one above. In the classroom, this could be a powerful tool for student presentations.

As of this writing, this tool is still in Google Labs and has only forty two data sets to work with; mostly focussed in the social sciences. Of particular interest to EdTech’ers would be the education data for California and DC.

In 2005 Thomas Friedman declared the world is soon to be flat. Where internet access is a nonissue, Google’s technological hammer is making it so.

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