Why “Just How Small is the Atom” Has the Most Views on Ted-Ed..

..and why we should be concerned.

Love. That’s what I felt when I first landed on TED’s new site for educators and students, Ted-Ed. From the hosts of the 18 minute talks that have inspired some of the most interesting lunchtime discussions in my classroom over the last few years, comes a site brimming with equally fascinating talks that step off from the platform of content commonly addressed in sixth through twelfth grade.

To make the content more accessible, the Ted-Ed team seeks out inspired speakers from the education community and then pairs them with dynamic animators to make the material pop. There are videos that address epistemological questions, such as “The Power of Simple Words” and “Questions no one knows the answers to.” Then, there are slightly more concrete videos, including “How algorithms shape our world” and “How folding paper can get you to the moon.” The conglomerate is a medicine chest full of antidotes to the ill of adolescent boredom.

Read more at the New Media Consortium..

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